Middle East & North Africa, Sub-Saharan Africa, Southern Asia, Central Asia, Eastern Europe, and Latin America


  • Frontier equities represent < 0.56% (ex-ETFs) of global mutual fund stock (November 2013). (MSCI, EPFR)
  • More than 794 frontier stocks traded above $1 million (ADTV, 11/2013). (Bloomberg)
  • Frontier countries accounted for 31% of outward worker remittances (7/top 30). The GCC was 24% of outflows. (World bank)
  • Frontier and small emerging market countries accounted for 46 of the 50 fastest growing world economies (2009-2012). (World Bank)
  • Since 2000, of the world's top 20 fastest growing countries, 15 are frontier countries. (World Bank)
  • Population growth in frontier countries today (2011 of 1.6%) is where EM pop growth was 25 years ago. (World Bank)
  • Frontier countries accounted for 51% of all worker remittance inflows while making up 32/top 50 countries and 11/top 21. (World Bank)
  • Debt/GDP ratios across most of the FM are close to multi-decade lows. (World Bank)
  • Since 2000, more than 60% of frontier countries achieved per capita income growth of 3.2% or more. (World Bank)
  • Frontier and small EM countries account for 10/20 most populated countries, or 34% of world pop. (World Bank)
  • Aggregate liquidity for FM & small EM reached $6.3 bil in 2013 vs. $11.2 bil in 2007. (Bloomberg)
  • Of the 154 FM and small EM countries, 86 have active stock exchanges, with an aggregate market capitalization of $3.6tril. (Bloomberg)
  • Of the 3 bil people expected to be added to the world pop by 2050, two-thirds are forecast to come from frontier countries. (World Bank)
  • As of 1996, remittance inflows into developing countries exceeded official development aid. (World Bank)