Competitive Advantage

Our Edge

Jadara Capital Partners' edge derives principally from our commitment to gain an in depth understanding of our markets through differentiated macro and micro research and extensive country and company visits.  In frontier emerging markets, where there is scant formal coverage of markets and stocks, our core competency also derives from our primary research and the unique perspective we develop through long standing, iterative and frequent interactions with political, economic, corporate and community leaders.

In frontier countries, transitions can occur at the regional or national level, in a specific sector, or within an individual company. Such pivotal change can be driven by a host of factors, such as: shifts in geopolitics, governance and regulation, demographics, an evolution of competitive dynamics, swings in market sentiment, or simply the actions of a visionary management team or key stakeholder. As many of the countries, sectors, and companies undergo these transitions that in turn may cause acute dislocations in perceptions  
and value, we are able to anticipate and identify opportunities with a differentiated view. We take a concentrated approach when we invest in these opportunities, preferring to derive our edge (and alpha) through depth of analysis vs. breadth of coverage. We also prefer to invest with a long-term perspective, an investment approach that has proven to be effective when exploiting multi-year secular opportunities, but also empowers us to be patient and disciplined in executing our investment strategy.  Asset allocation, risk management and capital protection are integral parts of our investment process. 

Jadara Capital Partners is funded by its founding partners, who are also substantial investors in JCP's fund mandates.  We are independent and unaffiliated with any institution or platform that may create conflicts of interests with our investors.

We take a long-term perspective when evaluating investments and deploying capital, and we focus on countries, sectors, or companies that are undergoing pivotal transformations and have high risk premia.  We are attracted to scalable investments that exhibit low competitive and capital intensity, while maintaining our focus on the alignment of interests between our capital and that of other relevant stakeholders.