About Jadara

About Us

Jadara Capital Partners is an asset management firm investing in Frontier Emerging Markets. Our geographic scope includes the Middle East and North Africa, Sub-Saharan Africa, Southern and Central Asia, Eastern Europe and Latin America. For more information about our product offerings, please click here.

The Jadara Name

Jadara - Arabic for competence or merit ­– is more than a name.  It is the firm’s ethos that defines our culture and guides our investment philosophy and discipline. We believe that competence forms the bedrock of competitive advantage and is the single most important driver behind a sustainable competitive edge in successful investing. Competence not only embodies the unique skill sets for identifying and exploiting investment opportunities as well as the intimate knowledge of the investment environment, it is also the targeted, disciplined and consistent approach to executing a successful investment framework and mandate.


The Jadara Logo

The olive tree, olea europaea, is a long living, sturdy species with a robust root system that is capable of regeneration over time. Over centuries and across cultures and religions, the olive tree has been a symbol of longevity, prosperity, resilience, perseverance, wisdom and peace. As such, the Jadara logo is a befitting visual representation of the Jadara name, team and its underlying culture and philosophy.